Okay! Here's how it goes! Look at the question, see if you know the answer. Once you've got what you think the answer is, click on the little pull-down box to see what the answer is and see if you're right. Each right answer is worth one mark, unless otherwise specified, and it's overall out of 40. Good luck!

The quiz shouldn't be too hard. If you're a Pokemaniac, you'll probably ace it. ^_^.

*little note* Quite a lot of people are confused, thinking this is a stupid sort of test because you can't get the answer wrong. Look, the answer is provided, but it's not meant to be a multiple choice test, you're supposed to answer the question to yourself and then check it.

1. What does Jigglypuff do to people when they fall asleep while it's singing for them?

2. What is James' fiancee's name?

3. What is the name of the famous Pokemon breeder who gives Vulpix to Brock?

4. What's Team Rocket's boss called?

5. Pikachu requires exposure to something to evolve into a Raichu. What?

6. What does a Magikarp evolve into?

7. What Pokemon do Team Rocket enter into a fighting Pokemon tournament?

8. What's the name of the Gym Leader Ash had to defeat to get the Rainbowbadge?

9. Misty is the leader of what gym?

10. What Pokemon did Ash capture in Gringy City?

11. How many siblings does James have?

12. Meowth was rejected because Team Rocket's boss preferred another Pokemon. What one?

13. What Pokemon did James have as a child?

14. What's the name of the cruise ship that Team Rocket lured lots of trainers onto?

15. Koga used a Pokemon against Ash, which evolved during battle. What Pokemon was this, and what did it evolve into? (worth two marks)

16. What colour do Electabuzz and Scyther absolutely hate?

17. When can Psyduck use its ultra-strong attacks?

18. Charmander discovered a new power, Rage, when battling which Pokemon?

19. What Pokemon are generally used to assist nurses and doctors?

20. Which Pokemon did Brock ride on in a Pokemon race?

21. Which Pokemon did Ash get to help him battle against Sabrina?

22. What Pokemon did Team Rocket try to get Ditto to transform into?

23. Which two characters looked after Togepi as an egg? (worth two marks)

24. In what gym did Ash get the Boulderbadge?

25. Ash wants to be a Pokemon Master. What does Brock aspire to be?

26. What type of Pokemon does Brock like to use?

27. Why does Ash let Butterfree go?

28. How does Ash gain the trust of Squirtle?

29. Why does Charmeleon evolve into Charizard?

30. Brock and James both fall in love with a Pokemon. What Pokemon?

31. What is the name of the town that Gary comes from?

32. What was the first Pokemon Ash caught that went to Professor Oak?

33. What does Mikey decide to evolve his Eevee into?

34. What does Meowth think they should evolve Eevee into?

35. Which two of Ash's Pokemon gave up the opportunity to evolve, preferring to stay as they were? (worth two marks)

36. What do Exeggcute evolve into?

37. Ash stole something of Misty's when they first met. What?

0 - 10 marks = I'm guessing you've only seen a couple of episodes of the show, right?

11 - 20 marks = Hmmm.... well, you're certainly not a Pokemaniac.

21 - 30 = Not bad at all! Looks like you've been paying pretty good attention!

31 - 35 = Excellent! You're obviously more cluey than most about the world of Pokemon!

36 - 40 = Magnifique! ^_^. You have the dubious honour of being allowed to put one of these up on your page, if you want:


You don't have to link it to my page but you can if you want people to know WHY you're a Pokémaniac. ^_^.

So, I hope you did okay! ^_^.

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